Health 8

Mrs. Lewis' Health Class

This semester class is designed to give students skills they can use to promote a more healthy self and succeed in school, as well as in life.  Health Education offers students an opportunity to acquire knowledge, practice skills, and develop attitudes they can carry with them throughout their lives.

If you need to make up a JOURNAL or BELLWORK entry, you can:

1. Check the Journal Calendar in the front of the room.

2.  Check the Bellwork notebook in the front of the room.

3.  Copy any missing entries from a friend or fellow student.

JOURNAL and BELLWORK checks will be at Midterm and again at the end of each term.  They are a critical part of your grade and an on going assignment so 



I AM TRULY EXCITED to teach this course and my goal is to increase the confidence and ability of each student in basic life skills.  I have a passion for teaching this subject and love sharing it with my students.  If you need to contact me, I will be here before and after school.  If this is inconvenient, please leave a message for me in the main office, 

801-798-4052, or email me at